Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy Store of the Day...... mommy2amiracle

A wonderfully determined woman has made todays etsy store of the day pick, mommy2amiracle. Mommy2amiracle has an adorable little girl, born 12 weeks early and weighing under 2 pounds and through her bio on her store you can tell she is a person that does not take the little things in life for granted.
Along with a very touching bio she also has a great store with outstanding quality work and prices. My favorite item, the fingerless gloves, look wonderful... and are looking better and better each day as the weather gets that crisp autumn chill to it! They would also make great Christmas gifts for anyone who is always chilly or has carpal tunnel (they are great for that, I know!)
She also has some very cute hats and very neat friendship bracelets.
So stop by, check out her inventory and her bio, give her some hearts and maybe a sale or two.

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