Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Etsy Store of the Day.... Honeysuckle's Habiliments

Todays store is owned and operated by a young woman from Floriday who has only been selling on etsy since August. A wonderful store and wonderful bio to go with it, the story of this driven 18 year old deserves a look for sure.
Honeysuckle's Habiliments is the first jewelry store to make my store of the day. It features hemp and ceramic jewelry of all colors and shapes along with an assortment of handmade ceramic beads.
Among my favorites from this growing store are the Mixture Marble Tower Earrings, unique and bright.. a great mix of colors to wear formal or casual.
She also creates beatifully done hemp bracellts with wonderful knot work, and some of them are reversable so your getting and two-for-one deal at a great price.
Check in on Honeysuckle's Habiliments, giver her some hearts, read her bio and perhaps purchase something nice for yourself or that special someone... Christmas is coming you know!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Etsy Store of the Day..... Knittopotamus

Weather it's for your home, your baby, your neck, or to stay warm and cozy you can find all kinds of super cute stuff at today's featured store.... Knittopotamus. Among the treasures in store for you adorable crocheted stuffed animals and toys, warm and cozy hats and scarves, 100% cotton dishcloths, ECO friendly dish towel and matching wash cloth, Knitting Needle and Crochet hook holders, stylish decorated knitting needles, and so much more.....
Among my favorites in this one stop shop definitely the camo scarf... I am a bit partial to camo! With that autumn chill in the air who can resist its coziness. And who can turn away Happy Hippo, such a cutie, great for little ones and hippo lovers of all ages and with such an excellent price its a great buy to give someone that "just because" or "brighten your day" gift.
Stop buy, check it out, throw a few hearts her way and stick an item or two in your shopping cart!! You can find this cute little store at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Etsy Store of the Day...... Makbeauty Creations

Brand new to etsy as of September 17th is a darling little shop called Makebeauty Creations based out of Salt Lake City Utah. This store has a little of everything ranging from magnets, cards, notebooks, binder clips, hair bows, flower clips and more. A wide variety of precious handmade items to choose from, as well as great prices.
Among my favorite picks from this adorable little store are these little pink and black flower hair clips... so versatile and great for any little girl. And along with the flower clips make sure you check out the clip holder.... a fun little monkey to store all your clips and bows... a must have for any house with a little girl who loves pretties as much as mine do... and at only $5 it still leaves room in your checkbook to stock up on clips to fill this little cutie.
So if you are looking for stocking stuffers for that little one in your life, great handmade cards and more check out Makebeauty Creations at, show her some love, some hearts and maybe a sale or two...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Etsy Store of the Day...... mommy2amiracle

A wonderfully determined woman has made todays etsy store of the day pick, mommy2amiracle. Mommy2amiracle has an adorable little girl, born 12 weeks early and weighing under 2 pounds and through her bio on her store you can tell she is a person that does not take the little things in life for granted.
Along with a very touching bio she also has a great store with outstanding quality work and prices. My favorite item, the fingerless gloves, look wonderful... and are looking better and better each day as the weather gets that crisp autumn chill to it! They would also make great Christmas gifts for anyone who is always chilly or has carpal tunnel (they are great for that, I know!)
She also has some very cute hats and very neat friendship bracelets.
So stop by, check out her inventory and her bio, give her some hearts and maybe a sale or two.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Etsy Store of the Day...... Torik2009

I finally decided I needed a banner and avatar for my etsy store and went on the hunt to find a great graphic artist for the job at a great price. I found Torik2009, and a wonderful job she did! I gave her the basic theme I wanted and told her what I would like my banner to read and in no time she had created a beautiful, perfect banner and avatar set for me. She has some super cute premade Halloween banners in her store, perfect for any shop wanting to kick off the Halloween holiday season, along with some very cool earrings and my favorite... this sand dollar pendant, just beautiful! Torik2009 is relatively new to etsy, opening her store August 9, 2009 and in my opinion definately deserves a look and a heart!! You can find her at

Friday, September 25, 2009

Cutest Baby Shoes Ever!!

So I stumbled across the most adorable hand made baby shoes I have ever seen while browsing These cuties are made by sewingsparklz ( and I am forcing myself to not buy a dozen pair for each kid!! If only she made them in my size!!