Monday, January 11, 2010

Challenge of the Day

So today I am facing a new challenge in my business, I have to make paper stiffer. I am making roses for a wedding out of beautiful velvet paper but the problem is is its too flimsy, I need it just a bit stiffer to hold the shape of the petals. I have already tried spraying the paper with starch and ironing it but if anything it made it softer. I am now in the process of painting the back of the sheet with modge podge to see if that will do the trick, my fear with this is its going to crack and flake when i start manipulating the paper and the roses will look like they have dandruff... no one wants dandruff roses!!
So if anyone out there has any experience with stiffening paper or any ideas please let me know, this order needs to go out asap and Im getting desperate!!

1 comment:

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